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Diverse Kindergarten


Tiburon Hebrew, a after-school Judaica and Hebrew program serves as a trend setter in creative Jewish education for children from Pre -K - 8th grades.


The Basic Details

“Tiburon Hebrew to You” is a revolutionary program offering quality Jewish education for ages 3-13 throughout Tiburon and Belvedere! You choose the time, location, topic, and some friends (if preferred), and we provide experienced educators, dynamic content, and a super fun time. 


Typically, classes meet weekly in 6-week sessions with many students choosing to participate in 3-5 sessions per year. You can also choose to add additional time or frequency (two or more times per week). Each study session is one-hour. If you create a mini pod with more than one student, it will take a bit longer than an hour (estimate an hour and fifteen minutes).


We are also available for in-person lessons for students who are in a hospital/in-patient/long-term care facility.



If a couple of families join together to create a group, there is a $30 discount per child. Please note that only children who are around the same age can form a pod. We will do our best to accommodate and make it convenient for your family. 

It’s great when children learn with peers as they can develop great friendships and learn from questions and comments posed by their peers. So whenever possible, we will do our best to help you pair your child up with at least one other child at their grade level. We also may have a pre-existing class that your child can join.



Register to get on board. Together, we will work out the details of what days and times work for you best. Any questions please email us at, or call 707-758-4893.


Note: There is a minimum commitment of 6 classes, though class calendars are structured to reflect the schedule of the teacher and student which may mean that the classes are non-consecutive or skip a week.



We’re open to meeting anywhere most ideal for you. Options include, your home, the park, or a community room. 


Regardless of your Jewish background, or level of Jewish education, Tiburon Hebrew to You is a great choice. Because we tailor-design each class based on its participants, Tiburon Hebrew to You can work for anyone. 


Each class is designed to help you reach your educational goals for your children. Sessions will include Hebrew language, Jewish history, Tefillah (prayer), Jewish Holidays, Jewish stories and songs, Mitzvot, and Community Values.  All classes are taught through the arts and hands-on projects.


We recommend these 4 curriculum options to choose from. You can choose any 2:

1. Holiday Discovery

2. My Jewish Home

3. Hebrew Reading/Aleph-Bet

4. My Bereishit Journey  


Holiday Discovery - 

Prepare and learn the customs and meaning of the Jewish Holidays through crafts, songs, and holiday workshops! This year, your child will proudly explain the how and why as they observe and lead your home in the various holiday observances. 


My Jewish Home - 

Your child will learn about the different Jewish items found in a home. Through understanding the different mitzvot (ie: kosher, charity box, prayer book) your child will come to love and appreciate using them!


Aleph Champ/Hebrew Reading - 

Younger children will work on mastering their Aleph Bet through audio, visual, kinesthetic and tactile learning. 

Older children use the Aleph Champ program which is based on the motivational philosophy of Martial Arts. Children work their way up this 10-step reading program, beginning as a 'white reader' and ending as a 'black reader' earning medals and prizes along the way. 


Bereishit Journey - 

Children will live, love, and take lessons from the story of our ancestors! Your child will be amazed as s/he learns of the struggles, triumphs, challenges, and joyous moments of our history. Children will create crafts and souvenirs as they travel this awesome journey.   


We’re always open to new ideas too, and we’re here to accommodate any specific topics of interest. 

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We do our best to make our program accessible to all Jewish families. That’s why no child is ever turned away from our programs for lack of funds. There is a minimum commitment of 6 classes. Our prices are all inclusive, there are no membership fees, book fees, registration fees.


Typically, our group class rate requires a minimum of 2 families or 3 children. It’s great when children learn with friends as they can develop great friendships and learn from questions and comments posed by their peers. So whenever possible, we will do our best to help you pair your child up with at least one other child at their grade level. In some cases, private tutoring will better help your child achieve their goals, so we offer that, too!


For a single child, the cost is $225 for the full 6 week private sessions. If you create a pod, the cost drops to $195 per child.  


We offer exciting programming throughout the year that brings children from all of our classes together. From holiday events like Rosh Hashanah in the Park, Sukkah Mobile, Chanukah Dreidel House, Purim Carnival, Matzah Bakery, and Shofar Factory, to our CGI Summer Camp, Tiburon Hebrew provides many opportunities for our families to become a community.


Tiburon Hebrew prides itself on its dedicated team of staff. Our teachers and volunteers are hand-picked for their warmth, passion and desire to impart their love and knowledge of Judaism to their students.

Recognizing that Hebrew School is an academic after-school program, our teachers endeavor to create an engaging, hands-on learning environment to stimulate and inspire every child.

Rabbi & Mrs Mirel Mintz


Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY Rabbi Levi Mintz studied in Rabbinical schools in New York, France, and Canada, has studied under the direction of Rabbi Yechiel Kalmenson, one of the greatest Jewish scholars in our times and received his Rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Zalman Labkowsky - Dean of the Flagship Chabad Yeshivah Tomchei Temimim.

Renowned for his warm personality and communication, He has traveled on rabbinical tours throughout the United States and Europe and has spent over 10 years in the educational field.

Mirel Mintz otherwise known as 'Morah MIrel' was born and raised in Santa Rosa, CA and received her degrees in education and teaching at the Machon Shoshanat Seminary in Jerusalem, Israel. Mirel has directed summer camps and school programs across the USA.

As co-director of Tiburon Hebrew, Mirel's attention to details as well as the pursuit of educational excellence has brought Judaism alive and full of meaning and excitement for her students. Mirel is a proud mother of Zali, delivers numerous classes, is the co-founder of Chabad of Tiburon, and offers personal guidance and support to the community.

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