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About Our Program

The Adopt a Savta program, established in 2022 under the directorship of Rabbi Levi and Mirel Mintz, aims to bring exclusive programming geared to our large Senior Community. It provides monthly events that promote social interaction and features exciting activities for Seniors. Additionally, Adopt a Savta offers volunteers who visit with homebound or lonely Seniors at their homes, in assisted living facilities as well as at the hospital. Their mission is to bring joy and stimulation to the visitees. Our hope is to ultimately match up every Senior in need with a volunteer.  

Many Seniors living in our community, either at home or at assisted living homes are lonely and homebound. Adopt a Savta matches friendly volunteers with these seniors, offering a weekly visit. These visits bring joy and cheer and can brighten the entire day, or even the whole week for these seniors. They look forward to spending quality time with someone who cares about them. Visitors can bring small gifts, shmooze, play board games, or do anything else that the seniors would appreciate them doing. Sometimes, the visitors feel like they gain more from the visit than the senior they are visiting.

If you would like to volunteer, or if you know a senior who could use a visit, please contact us at 415-378-9364 or e-mail:  This is a special mitzvah and a great opportunity to make a huge difference in a seniors life!

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