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Printing of our Community Tanya

Join us, as we print a local edition and study this monumental work.

Thursday, June 22ND 

4:00PM at Fountain Plaza 

Corner of Tiburon Blvd and Main Street


In 1796 the Alter Rebbe, founder of Chabad Chassidism published the "Tanya", which was to become known as the 'written Torah of Chassidism', revolutionizing Jewish thought forever.

In 1984, the Lubavitcher Rebbe began a campaign to print an edition of Tanya in every city in the world! His directive was based on a teaching of the Baal Shem Tov that Moshiach would come when "the wellsprings" of Chassidic teachings would spread worldwide. Printing the Tanya in every location would transform that place into a source and bastion of these beautiful teachings.

The Rebbe's emissaries dispersed throughout the globe took up the Rebbe's call and traveled from town to town in their region, printing Tanyas in every stop along the way. Since the Rebbe's call, more then 4,000 editions of Tanya have been published throughout the world, from large bustling cities to small rural communities.

At this time, Chabad of Tiburon would like to announce that we too will be printing our very own Tanya's.

It is a special merit to participate in its printing, we are offering all members of the community to have their names included in the back pages of the Tanya.

Your contribution will help cover the costs of this unique printing.

I would like to include my name and those of my loved ones in the Community Tanya

Thank you for your RSVP and Dedication

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