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Diverse Kindergarten


Tiburon Hebrew, a after-school Judaica and Hebrew program serves as a trend setter in creative Jewish education for children from Pre -K - 8th grades.



The mission of Tiburon Hebrew is to provide and promote the highest quality after-school Judaic education to a diverse community of Jewish children.


Our aim is to nurture and build the foundation of your child's Jewish identity through our interdisciplinary educational approach. The focus of our dedicated teachers is to inspire a two fold love.  A love for learning and and a love for Judaism while fostering a feeling of familiarity within their heritage for each individual child.


A well-balanced Hebrew School education will develop in our students a commitment to using Torah values as a guide to the decisions of life, community, and life-long learning and teaching.

Dates and Rates

Tiburon Hebrew takes place Mondays, 4:00 - 5:30 pm (beginning September 12th, 2022). 

For the full schedule click here.


Tuition: $1,200

Scholarships are available.


Aleph Champ, modeled after the Karate Martial Arts system of motivational colored levels, breaks up the Hebrew reading process into bite sized motivational levels which makes it more kid friendly and exciting.

Students start as a white Aleph Champ learning half of the aleph bet. They work their way through the different "belts" until they become a black Aleph Champ with the ability to read fluently from the Siddur (prayerbook).

Each Aleph Champ level has a color coded book, flashcards, workbooks and a medallion which is awarded once a level is passed. All of these work together to create the motivation needed to progress in their own way.

Reading groups are divided by color instead of age group, thereby allowing conscientious students to surpass the pace of their class and advance in reading on their own. This program ensures that students do not go on to a new level until they have truly mastered all that their current level expects them to know. This avoids the common problem of children learning to read without fully mastering a letter, vowel or concept in reading.

Aleph Champ influences the child to motivate themselves to advance in their Hebrew Reading.

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At Tiburon Hebrew we recognize that each child is a unique individual with different learning styles and abilities.

Each lesson in Hebrew School is a multi-sensory and hands on learning experience. The lessons incorporate different ways of learning so that each individual child is reached and is able to benefit. The students truly experience that which they are being taught.

Drama, song, interactive workbooks, Aleph Champ and of course the teachers, bring Hebrew School lessons to life. Our hands-on learning style encourages children to be active, rather than passive, learners.

Our trained Judaic teachers, are the true life behind our Hebrew School. They live the material that they teach - and there is nothing like a living example.


Tiburon Hebrew prides itself on its dedicated team of staff. Our teachers and volunteers are hand-picked for their warmth, passion and desire to impart their love and knowledge of Judaism to their students.

Recognizing that Hebrew School is an academic after-school program, our teachers endeavor to create an engaging, hands-on learning environment to stimulate and inspire every child.

Rabbi & Mrs Mirel Mintz


Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY Rabbi Levi Mintz studied in Rabbinical schools in New York, France, and Canada, has studied under the direction of Rabbi Yechiel Kalmenson, one of the greatest Jewish scholars in our times and received his Rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Zalman Labkowsky - Dean of the Flagship Chabad Yeshivah Tomchei Temimim.

Renowned for his warm personality and communication, He has traveled on rabbinical tours throughout the United States and Europe and has spent over 10 years in the educational field.

Mirel Mintz otherwise known as 'Morah MIrel' was born and raised in Santa Rosa, CA and received her degrees in education and teaching at the Machon Shoshanat Seminary in Jerusalem, Israel. Mirel has directed summer camps and school programs across the USA.

As co-director of Tiburon Hebrew, Mirel's attention to details as well as the pursuit of educational excellence has brought Judaism alive and full of meaning and excitement for her students. Mirel is a proud mother of Zali, delivers numerous classes, is the co-founder of Chabad of Tiburon, and offers personal guidance and support to the community.

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